Nurse Found Hanging upon Receiving a Prank Call


A nurse deceived by a prank call to the London hospital taking care of the Duchess of Cambridge was later found dangled and lifeless, an investigation has confirmed.

Jacintha Saldanha was discovered dead in the nurses’ quarters last Friday, three days subsequent to the telephone call from Australian radio broadcasters who were play-acting to be Prince Charles and the Queen.

Injuries were also found on the wrist of Saldanha, according to the investigation of Westminster Coroner’s Court.

The inquiry was begun and recessed up until the 26th of March.

Det Ch Insp James Harman said to the court that on Friday, the 7th of December, the deceased Jacintha Saldanha was discovered by a coworker and an affiliate of security staff. Dejectedly, Saldanha was found hanging.

Two notes were also discovered in the room of Mrs. Saldanha and a different one from her belongings, the court of law was also stated.

The 46-year-old wife and mother of two, Mrs Saldanha, reassigned the phone call on the 4th of December to a coworker who then provided a comprehensive update with reference to the condition of the Duchess to the hoaxers.

The duchess, who is in the initial phases of prenatal period, was getting medical treatment at King Edward VII’s Hospital for her condition of hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe type of morning sickness.

Keith Vaz of the labour told that the examination was utterly troubling for the family

Giving support to the family of the deceased Mrs Saldanha, Vaz told the news team that he had communicated the particulars of the short-term inquest trial to them through a phone call.

He also told the news team that they are a delightful family. He said that in all the years he served for the Parliament, he has never had to sit in a chamber as he did with the family last Sunday, and listen to them devastated.

A funeral is scheduled to be arranged on Saturday at Westminster Cathedral in central London.